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Screen Doors


Stocked Screen Doors

Product Information

100 AAL (Treated) Sizes:
2-8 and 3-0

Screen Door 200 Full
View Size: 3-0

600 Six panel: 3-0

300 RP Screen over
Raised Panel

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Custom Screen Doors (Millwork)

Doors are custom made to fit your opening. Simply specify the width and height desired. Starting with a thick clear cedar our custom screen doors are constructed to ensure a long rot free life.

Finished doors are 1 3/8” thick. Each joint is glued and doweled to prevent separation. Every door is machine sanded for flatness. Screens are stapled into a routed rabbet in the door and then covered with a cedar stop moulding.

Should your screen ever get a tear or hole the stop can be removed and the screen replaced. Options include the type of screen (black fiber, black aluminum, grey aluminum or copper.), full screen or solid bottom panel, the height of the center rail, and the width of the bottom rail. On solid bottom panel doors we can also provide a “pet door cut out”.

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