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Rogue Valley Rustic Interior Door: These classic door designs have a subtle sophistication and unique style all their own. Any wood can be made into these beautiful doors, rich with character and traditional appeal, boasting exposed knots, color variations, and mineral streaks. Rustic hardwood doors tend to have simple design characteristics with a dramatic appearance. These doors often have details like exposed hinges and latches, as well as heavy duty doorknobs or handles. Custom design a Rustic Door with a look that best suits your style and taste with any choice of our beautiful wood species.

Rogue Valley Beaded Panel Interior Door: One look at our Beaded Panel Doors and you can see handcrafted quality workmanship is the hallmark of Rogue Valley Door. Rogue Valley Beaded Panel Doors incorporate exquisite details such as ornate beaded panels or true v-groove panels, highlighting the natural luster of these lovely hardwood doors and adding style to your homes interior. For a traditional yet rustic look, embellish your entry door with a custom crafted dentil shelf, a feature found in fine craftsman-style homes.

Rogue Valley Traditional Interior Door: Create a magnificent first impression to set the tone for the rest of your home, combining exquisitely crafted doors with accompanying glass inserts and sidelights. Rogue Valley doors are handmade from our finest hardwoods such as rich maple, mahogany, oak and cherry. These beautiful doors can be hung as single or double entry doors.

Rogue Valley French Interior Door: Voila! Rogue Valley French Doors are available in a number of styles to fit your home décor, inside and out. Rogue Valley Door has improved the elegance and sophistication of French doors by offering them in traditional hardwoods such as oak, maple, mahogany or cherry, as well as pine, knotty pine, fir or primed. Match the wood finish with your other home furnishings for a truly stylish look. Choose from traditional pane glass designs to doors featuring craftsman-like muntins.

Rogue Valley Panel Interior Door: Create a designer look by installing matching interior panel doors throughout your home with complementary mouldings and trim. Rogue Valley Panel Doors are the perfect choice because they are crafted in a variety of architectural styles and available in pine, knotty pine, and fir, as well as hardwoods like rich oak, cherry, maple, and mahogany. The doors can also be made with the more ornate beaded panel style or the simple, rustic look of square sticking.

Rogue Valley Sidelites & Transoms Interior Door: A sidelight and/or transom is an excellent addition to any home‘s entryway. Each provides natural light bringing the outside into your home. Adding one to your front door will give that something special and create a wonderful setting. One can be hung with your entry door or stand-alone as a window.

Rogue Valley Multi-Purpose Interior Door: Our multipurpose door designs are custom built to appeal to your everyday needs. These functional doors come with magnetic chalk boards or white boards—perfect for the family and available in all our beautiful wood species.

Rogue Valley Closet Doors Door: Beautiful and functional, our louver doors provide classic styling, ventilation, and solid wood construction to stand up to everyday use. Choose half or full-louvered doors. Bi-fold panel doors, available in flat and raised panel designs, are the perfect solution for full-sized closet openings, laundry rooms or other storage areas. Louver doors available in 1-3/8¨ and 1-3/4¨ thickness.

Rogue Valley Dutch & Cafe Door: Classic Dutch Doors are also a great option to give a room or entrance that added touch of style. These doors can act as two separate pieces or easily function together as a whole. Almost any of our doors can be made into a Dutch Door.Café Doors Café Doors are a fantastic option to add to your kitchen or any other place you desire a push-through entry. These doors look great, with intricate slat detail, and swing open, making it easy to enter and exit as you please.

Rogue Valley MDF Doors Door: We use the highest quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) to create doors in virtually any style. These are environmentally friendly; no trees are harvested. Our MDF doors provide unsurpassed performance at a value price. They are extremely resistant to warping, cracking, and shrinking, so they hold up to harsh environmental conditions. Our MDF doors are Fire Rated. Our MDF doors have smoother surface than wood, so they are easier to paint than most wood doors. Plus, Rogue Valley MDF doors are made with the same attention to quality construction as our finest hardwood doors. It is no wonder Rogue Valley MDF doors are popular in residential homes from coast to coast.

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Specialty Doors: 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame Kit

Max Door Size: 60" x 108" x 1-3/4"
Max Door Weight: 200lbs
Finished Wall Thickness: 4-9/16"

Installation Instructions

1500 Rough-Opening Dimensions

1500 Frame Cut Down Instructions

1500 Side View

1500 Assembled Frame

1500 Installed Frame

1500 Installation Video

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