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Hangers and Connectors


MBS I Joist and SCL Inventory Hangers

I-Joist Hanger

Our inventory for I Joist hangers are for the following Trus Joist Products:

  • T11-7/8” TJI – 230 Series Joist,
  • TJI - 230 Series,
  • TJI -360 Series.

    SCL Hangers

    Our SCL (Structural Composite Lumber) hangers are for the following LVL, PSL, and LSL Trus Joist Products:

  • 11 7/8” (one, two, three, and four ply),
  • 14" (one, two, three, and four ply),
  • 16" (one, two, three, and four ply),
  • 18" (one, two, three, and four ply).

    Engineered Wood & Structural Composite Lumber Connectors

    Face Mount Hangers

    Top Flange Hangers

    Adjustable Hangers

    Connections for Engineered Wood

    Connector Selection Guide for i-Level

    Sloped & Skewed Connectors

    Hanger Options Matrix

    General Instructions for the Installer

    These general instructions for the installer are provided to ensure proper selection and installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. products and must be followed carefully.


    Solid Sawn Lumber Connectors

    Adjustable Hangers

    Face Mount Hangers

    Sloped & Skewed Connectors

    Top Flange Hangers

    Hanger Options Matrix

    Caps & Bases

    Post/Column Caps

    Post/Column Bases


    Straps & Ties

    Angles & Clips

    Seismic & Hurricane Ties

    Strap Ties





    Other References


    Many Simpson Strong-Tie connectors have been designed and tested for use with specific types and sizes of nails. The specified quantity, type and size of nail must be installed in the correct holes on the connector to achieve published loads.

    Fastening Identification Guide

    These hole types are used on various Simpson connectors roll over the images to see larger image.

    Building with a continuous load path

    Strengthening the structural frame of your house includes creating a continuous load path within your home.

    How wind affects your home

    To protect your family and belongings from storm damage, it is important to educate yourself. Understanding how high winds can affect the structural frame of your house is the first step.

    Deck Framing Connection Guide

    This guide recommends connectors and fasteners for deck construction that may meet the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code® and the 2006 International Residential Code®.

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