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iLevelĀ® Shear Brace


Walls do more for a house than hold up the weight of the roof. They also have to stand strong against forces of nature that can come from any side.

Structural wall bracing protects life and property against damage from lateral (sideways) forces. That's why more and more municipalities are enforcing International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for wall bracing. Some high-wind or earthquake-prone regions even require that a structural engineer of record (EOR) design every house built in their jurisdictions.

In addition to the technical literature, our Engineering Support staff has created a number of Technical Bulletins to help you in using the Shear Brace. iLevelĀ® Shear Brace delivers outstanding lateral force resistance. They are easy to work with and install, and they meet or exceed code requirements for both engineered and prescriptive design.

  • High allowable loads at narrow widths
  • Narrow 12" width allows greater design flexibility, and the new, 24" width handles higher lateral loads
  • Available soon in lengths up to 20' for tall wall framing
  • Multi-story applications
  • High wind performance
  • Can be trimmed in the field for custom heights
  • Engineered wood is an ideal nailing surface
  • Pre-cut holes and chases
  • Drill zones allow field drilling to accommodate trades

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General Information

Shear Brace Features and Benefits:



Wall Bracing FAQ



Technical Information

Shear Bracing Specifier's Guide

Shear Bracing Design Guide

Wall Bracing 401

Wall Bracing Example 1

Wall Bracing Example 2

Wall Bracing Example 3

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