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TimberStrand® LSL Beam


General Information

Width and Depths


Features and Benefits

Technical Information

Design Guide (Complete Guide)

Design Properties

Multiple-Member Connections

Framing Details

Drop Header Design

Short Span Headers



TimberStrand® LSL Columns

1.3E Allowable Column Loads

Column Caps and Bases


You want the best beam for the buck in all your projects, a beam that’s straight, strong and solid. But what happens when you need to cut holes in that beam big enough to get your wiring and pipes through, without compromising strength and support? The TimberStrand® LSL Beam from iLevel provides the consistency and performance you’ve come to expect from TimberStrand® LSL. It also can accommodate larger holes—up to 45⁄8" in a 14" beam—and even multiple holes without any loss of structural performance. (TimberStrand All Holes).


MBS Inventory Hangers

Recommended bracing for Upset Beam




Framer's Pocket Guide

Trus Joist® 1.3 MOE and 1.5 MOE TimberStrand® LSL

This calculator is only to be used for Trus Joist® Microllam® 1.3E and 1.5E TimberStrand LSL

1.3 MOE 1.55 MOE
Plies: Plies:
Width (in) Width (in)
Depth (in) Depth (in)
Length (ft): Length (ft):
Beam Wt. (lb/ft) Beam Wt. (lb/ft)
Beam Wt. (lb) Beam Wt. (lb)


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