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Trex® Decking


Product Features & Benefits

Life Feels Better on Trex®: Take everyday activities outside, and they stop feeling everyday. Food tastes better under a cloudless sky. Clinking glasses sing along with the birds. A cup of coffee at dawn wraps around you like a thick blanket.

There’s a freedom to being outside. You can laugh louder. Go barefoot. Doze off in the sunlight. In a word, relax. The maintenance problems that come with wood decks don’t come with Trex. So your time is spent relaxing on your deck, not working on it. Trex never gets in the way of outdoor living – we encourage more of it. So take off your shoes and come outside. See just how beautiful your everyday can be.

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What is Trex®?: Trex is the leading brand of alternative decking, railing, fencing, and trim products designed to maximize your outdoor living experience.

Trex composite products are made of a unique combination of wood and plastic fibers. Trex gets its plastic and wood fibers from reclaimed or recycled resources. Including sawdust and used pallets from woodworking operations, and recycled plastic grocery bags from all over the country. Want to know more? Visit Trex's website.

Environmentally Friendly: All the ingredients we use are being re-used.

The same process we use to make our products is also environmentally responsible. Trex® is made from about 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic, and 50 percent reclaimed wood. These materials would otherwise go unused in landfills. Using sustainable materials and green manufacturing processes is a policy that touches everything we do. Want to know more? Visit Trex's website.

Increases the Value of Your Home: TimberTech not only adds value to your life, it adds value to your home. When you add a TimberTech deck – or use TimberTech to replank a wood deck – you'll recoup much of your investment when you sell your home. Remodeling Magazine's 2009-2010 Cost vs. Value Report estimates a national average of 71% return on investment for composite deck additions*.

This is a similar or better return on investment than projects such as bathroom addition, bathroom remodel and major kitchen remodel. To maximize your return, Realty Times suggests using a non-rectangle design, and making your deck an extension of your living space.

*Based on a 16′ x 20′ deck set in simple linear pattern; using pressure-treated joists supported by 4x4 posts anchored to concrete piers; built-in bench and planter of the same decking material; stairs, assuming three steps to grade; complete railing using a matching system made of the same composite as the decking material.

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Decking Products

Brasilia®: It's all about beauty. The beauty of the rainforests comes home. Imagine taking off your shoes and experiencing the lush feel and exotic look of tropical hardwood, right in your backyard. Trex Brasilia brings home the rich beauty of the rainforests, but leaves behind all of the headaches of wood. Brasilia is so simple to install and maintain. Unlike rainforest timbers, there's no oiling, staining or pre-drilling required. All you'll ever have to work on is your tan.

Colours and Profiles

Contours®: A more dramatic look. A more dramatic value. So you love the rustic charm of wood, but you’re tired of all the splinters? Say hello to Trex Contours. It offers bold, dramatic grain with the casual, barefoot comfort that only comes with Trex. Here’s the best part: Trex Contours is priced to deliver an exceptional value, which makes it even easier to say goodbye to wood for good.

Accents® : The grain is subtle. The beauty isn't. There's nothing like the understated beauty of a subtle wood grain. Trex Accents offers you the warm, natural look of wood, but with the carefree ease of Trex. Best of all, both sides of Trex Accents® can be used - with a subtle wood grain pattern on one side and a smooth, refined look on the other. The possibilities are endless, but not the maintenance.

Escapes®: Escape to easier outdoor living.

For the ultimate in worry-free outdoor living, there's no substitute for Trex Escapes. Engineered with revolutionary cellular PVC technology, Escapes offers unsurpassed stain, scratch and mould resistance, natural beauty that's guaranteed to last, and the convenience of soap-and-water cleaning. Quite literally, outdoor living doesn't get any easier than this.

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Designer Series Railing®: Easy to install. Easy to care for. Hard to ignore. Nothing complements the look of a Trex backyard quite like Trex Designer Series Railing. Available in all six decking colors, it provides an elegant frame for the piece of art that is your Trex deck. The shaped rails and post caps create a distinctive and striking profile. And our innovative TrexExpress™ Assembly System makes installation a snap.

Traditional Railing: A classic never goes out of style.

Trex Traditional Railing goes above and beyond your average railing solution to offer the perfect complement to your deck. Featuring the same durability and ease of maintenance you expect from Trex decking, a Trex Traditional Railing can be configured in a variety of patterns to match the individual style of any home.

ADA Compliant Handrail: Trex ADA Compliant Handrail. The new Trex ADA Compliant Handrail System includes everything you need to make your Trex railing meet ADA requirements without compromising appearance. Available in Classic White, Saddle and Charcoal Black.

Railing Design Ideas

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Seclusions® Privacy Fencing: Trex Seclusions® Privacy Fencing. The perfect fence should do more than just define a border. It should promise privacy and be welcoming at the same time. It should raise property value while being low-maintenance. It should look as good on the inside as it does on the outside. It should stand up to the tests of time and the occasional errant baseball. But most of all, the perfect fence should be an extension of your home. Introducing Trex Seclusions® Privacy Fencing Systems.

Surroundings® Fencing: Trex Surroundings is a durable 6\' picket-style fencing that comes in a rich, warm finish. Surroundings is the easiest fencing line to install and makes the perfect backdrop for all your future backyard memories.


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